May 31, 2013 – Four Winds Casino, New Buffalo, MI

Okay, Okay, I know I’ve slacked off on the blogging. Better a late start than never, eh? It’s tough to try to keep coming up with new things to say about any given show, so I’m going to approach it a little differently. I might not talk about the show per se; If there is something memorable about a show, I’ll say so- otherwise I’m just going to recall the day. Like last night after the show. I sat in my darkened hotel room and watched a top 3 (in my lifetime ) lightening show . Absolutely amazing !!! The “Sports” Tour so far has been really fun! It’s a ball to play songs we haven’t played in a while. In some cases, songs we’ve never played live. There has been a different buzz at the shows. It seems that people are really getting into the 30th Anniversary deal. New Buffalo begins the midwestern leg of our tour.

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