September 13, 2019

Johnny, Mario and my band, Sound Hole, played many shows together with Eddie Money in the ’70s, when both bands were trying to “make it.” We would open for him on his home turf, the East Bay, and he would open for us in Marin and the North Bay. Although there was a strong competition, we always got along. Eddie finally did make it with “Two Tickets To Paradise.”. When we put Huey Lewis & The News together, we found ourselves opening for him again, hoping for a hit of our own. We’d see each other occasionally after that, and a few years ago found Eddie and band opening a few shows for us. We went full circle. Eddie was always affable, had one of those distinctive voices that you recognized instantly, much like Huey’s. Although Eddie had a lot of health issues over the years, he kept on going. A sad day for Bay Area music. I wasn’t ready for this. RIP Ed Mahoney. – Bill

Back in the day several SF Bay Area bands (Huey’s ‘Clover’ and Bill’s and my ‘Soundhole’ included) were out there busking to get signed to a record deal. Then BAM! . . . along comes this East Coast cat named Eddie Money – with his honking saxophone, spinning tambourine, and self-confident swagger – stalking the stage with reckless abandon. That’s when I realized it took more than a great song to make it in the the music business. We’re gonna miss you Eddie . . . thanks for being a true mentor in ‘Rock Stardom 101’. – Johnny

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