August 15, 2012 – Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA

It was really nice to have 2 days off in L.A. before this show. I went down to Newport Beach to visit my daughter, Julia. We went to the Getty museum on Tuesday, which, if you haven’t seen it, is amazing. Everyone went their own way after Denver, with a few of us coming to L.A. early to relax. Still hot but very little humidity, which was welcomed. We ran into Tariqh Akoni and Josh Groban at our hotel, in town doing some work. At the Greek, Jimmy Kimmel, and our friends from the Kimmel show band, Cleto and Cleto Sr. Escobedo sat in with us. Jimmy played Bass Clarinet. Congrats to Jimmy and his new fiance. My friends from Yamaha Drums were there, and the guest list was once again monumental. Good fun.

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