July 3, 2012 – Artpark, Lewiston, NY

This was a real fun night. Thunderstorms in the day looked like they could play havoc with the show, but the weather cleared out by showtime. The venue sits on the bluff overlooking the river a couple of miles downstream from Niagara Falls. As we played, the sunset behind and to our left was phenomenal! Huey went to Cornell University briefly, and one of the great local bands in Ithaca at the time was King Harvest. Huey was friends with all of the guys. A few weeks ago he was contacted by Doc Robinson and Ron Altbach, lead vocalist and keyboardist respectively, from King Harvest asking could they come and sit in on their big hit, “Dancing In The Moonlight.” We worked it up at a couple of soundchecks (bet the folks outside the gates in Grand Rapids wondered what the hell we were doing!) and played it with Doc and Ron. It’s a great song. Around 10,000 people went nuts hearing some hometown boys play their big hit. Thanks King Harvest!

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