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July 19, 2012 – Zoo Amphitheater, Oklahoma City, OK

There are shows that should not be played. This was one of them. 104 degrees at showtime, with about 90% humidity. The sun was directly in our eyes for the first half of our set. In a word, brutal. There was a point in “But it’s Allright” that I wasn’t

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July 17, 2012 – Sandia Amphitheater, Albuquerque, NM

Another cozy little place. North of downtown Albuquerque and kind of in the sticks, but when the golf course is across the street and the theater is right next to the hotel, all is right with the world. Said Huey at one point, “I know all you people here in

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July 15, 2012 – Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater, Tucson, AZ

Beautiful little “baby shed” as I call it. Sheds are those big venues with a pavilion and a grass seating area in the back. Great sounding little place, this one. Weather hampered the proceedings again. Serious T-storms blowing through one after another. Sound check cancelled for the 2nd day in

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July 14, 2012 – Harrah’s Laughlin, Laughlin, NV

Laughlin is, well, Laughlin. You know what I mean if you’ve ever been here. On the Northeast corner of the Mojave Desert, it’s usually about 110 degrees here. We got lucky and had thunderstorms cool things off a bit, but not after they cancelled sound check. Huey played harp on

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July 13, 2012 – Harrah’s Rincon Pavilion, Valley Center, CA

First night of the tour with Joe Cocker. He’s a very sweet guy, his band is rock solid, and “You Are So Beautiful” still KILLS me. He’s definitely still got it, at 69 years old. Amazing! We’re playing a bit of a shorter set so it seems to go by

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July 4, 2012 – Red, White and Blue Ash Festival, Blue Ash, Ohio

95 degrees and 95% humidity at showtime. The crowd was estimated at anywhere from 70,000 to 95,000 people. Blue Ash knows how to throw a party. This was one of the toughest shows I have ever played. I was so soaked that I had trouble holding my sticks. J.P., who

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July 3, 2012 – Artpark, Lewiston, NY

This was a real fun night. Thunderstorms in the day looked like they could play havoc with the show, but the weather cleared out by showtime. The venue sits on the bluff overlooking the river a couple of miles downstream from Niagara Falls. As we played, the sunset behind and

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July 2, 2012 – Meijer Gardens Amphitheater, Grand Rapids, MI

Remind me to make sure the steps in back of my drum riser are secured before i do anything stupid like I did at this show. Going onstage, I ran around the keyboard riser, made a sharp left turn , and was hoping to hit the 2nd step of my

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June 29, 2012 – Memorial Park, Omaha, NE

I must have lost 5 pounds tonight. Soaked head to toe after the show. It was VERY hot and steamy in Omaha tonight. Thank God it wasn’t yesterday. 95 degrees- 107 heat index level. This was a yearly pre-Fourth of July celebration that Omaha does in this huge park. I

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May 25th & 26th, 2012 – Island Casino, Harris, MI

Harris , Michigan is on the Upper Peninsula, way in the North of the state. There’s not much around but farmland. All I can say about this one is I’m sure glad that the golf course is right out the back door of the casino. One is pretty much held

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May 22nd & 23rd, 2012 – Potawatami Casino, Milwaukee, WI

This is a tiny little showroom that reminds me of Yoshi’s in San Francisco, if anyone has been there. Extremely intimate. Tuesday was a good show, but by the band’s estimation, Wednesday was the best show so far of the little 8-show run. Really great one tonight ! Huey and

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May 20th, 2012 – Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, MN

The Mystic Lake casino has built an amazing, state-of-the-art showroom. Just beautiful ! It was a pleasure to play in such a great sounding theater. Although the crowd was fairly subdued , I’m guessing it was a security deal, we would get standing ovations after certain tunes. Interesting. There was

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