To all of our friends and fans from everyone at Huey Lewis and the News:

It is with great sadness we tell you that we have lost one of the most special members of our group.
Jim Moran died peacefully yesterday morning after a courageous two year battle with cancer.
“Bugsy” was an inspiration to all of us.
He was the most hard working, talented sound mixer and engineer that you could imagine.
He was with us since the beginning.
He will be dearly missed.
Our hearts go out to his family.

20 Responses to A NOTE FROM HLN

  1. Tim McLaughlin

    Jim was a good friend. He mixed sound for my band in our hometown of Erie, PA in the 70’s. We had a lot of great, crazy times on the road. He was a talented, hard working guy that will surely be missed.

  2. John Burke

    Jim would pass through our theater either with HL&N or Kenny Loggins, etc. 23 years. A HL&N day or a Jim Moran day was one you looked forward to. Very sad new, saying it was a pleasure to work with Jim is such an understatement.

  3. Dave Heffelfinger

    Dear Huey and All,
    My name is Dave and I have been the FOH engineer at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts for 29 years and counting. Over those years and your numerous performances there, Bugsy and I became very good friends. He was always on of my favorite guys to see walking in the loading dock at the beginning of the day, which always started with some really heart-felt hugs and laughter. In all my years there, seeing visiting engineers day-in and day-out, I can honestly and proudly say that he was one of the best. I always felt honored when he referred to me as “his friend.”

    My thoughts are with you all and please extend my thoughts to his family. He will be sincerely missed.


  4. Rob goodwin

    I am shocked and my heart is broken. Jimmy was a good friend and a better mentor. My thoughts go out to Francy and the kids. It’s been a long time but I have always considered him a friend.

  5. Peter Zimmerman-Wolf Trap

    That is sad news indeed – he will be missed.

  6. Gerd

    Happy New Year!
    Are you planning to have a tour or some gigs in Europe in 2016?

  7. Moz

    Bugsy also went by the nickname “Oz” because he was the Wizard of Oz when it came to mixing sound. I will miss him very much.

  8. Mike

    the “sound” of Huey Lewis and the News is one of the things that makes this group unique – R.I.P Bugsy!

  9. Dana Hunt

    To all band members, both the players, the singers and the behind the scenes associates; I am so sorry on the loss of one of your fellow members. I am sending my condolences to one and all, and especially to Mr. Moran’s family. To lose someone who has been with you since the beginning is the same as losing a family member, and I am sure that is what your “Bugsy” was to each and every one of you. Once again, many prayers to all of you on this loss of your family member and many prayers in your time of sorrow.

  10. John Burke

    It make a little more sense now. Obviously God wanted Jim up there doing advance work for Lemmy, David & Glen.

  11. C.A.

    So sorry to hear of Mr. Moran’s passing. It’s been a heavy month with so many musical talents leaving this earth far too soon. My deepest sympathy for his family and friends.

  12. dax

    You will be missed.

  13. Robert Fox

    My condolences to Jim Moran’s family and friends and my prayers for him.

  14. CC

    hugs & prayers for Bugsy’s family and the group

  15. Nelson Kelly

    His Heart is still beating-forever

  16. VL & Tony Rivera

    Listening to a HLN album with my husband.
    Thank you, Jim Moran, for your artistic skills
    on the album.
    So sorry for the family. Hugs.

  17. My condolences for your loss.

  18. To the HLN family,
    Bugsy was on of the greats. An exceptional engineer that amazed me every time we work together. Besides numerous corporate gigs my Atlanta based production company has done with HLN, my greatest experience was the 4 weeks we spent together in Atlanta for the 96 Olympics and Sports Illustrated. We really bonded with Bugsy, and he taught me a lot about mixing. He was a kind and gentle man that you don’t often come across in the touring biz. Between your band’s incredible sounds, and Jim’s ear, it was always an amazing show. RIP Bugsy.

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